18-Week Session Begins

The Legislature returned to Columbia to begin its Session this week.  Among the top issues for that the Legislature will discuss will be Education Reform, the Heartbeat Bill, an unprecedented $1.8B surplus and whether to sell Santee Cooper or not.  The Legislature is in its second year of a two-year Session and ends May 14, 2020.


Subcommittee to Hear Business License Fees This Week

A House Labor, Commerce and Industry (LCI) subcommittee will hear H.4431, a bill that deals with issues related to business license fees. Supporters of the bill say H.4431 is a response to inconsistencies of reporting methods, timing, and administrative functions of businesses license fees throughout the more than 200 municipalities in South Carolina.  Municipalities use business license fees as a major factor in revenue each year. 


Senate LCI Advances PEO Bill

A Senate LCI Subcommittee advanced S.909, a bill that allows professional employment organizations’ (PEOs) clients to capture job development credits.  It will be heard in full LCI Committee this week.


Education Reform Continues on Special Order

The Senate continues its work on Education Reform, S.419.  It was put on special order last week and will continue to be discussed this coming week.  


Questions?  Contact SCSA’s government relations team.  

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